What Do You Want?

By Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CHDS

July 3, 2017


You have wants. You have needs. You have desires.

You have been taught repetitively to know what you want, yet you still struggle with clearly defining and knowing those wants.

Why is it so hard to know what you want, when you have the freedom to choose and can choose anything YOU want?

Because you were taught to react, think, choose, and believe differently.

As a young child, you could dream vastly. You giggled and laughed and screamed with delight. You had imaginary friends and imaginary tea parties. You carried the biggest smile on your face and sincerely shared it with everyone around you. When you saw mom or dad, you burst into cheers and greeted them whole-heartedly, every time. You knew who you were and you expressed it easily and freely.

Then one day, someone told you to stop.

"You need to be like everyone else." "Stop making up stories." "That isn't even real." "That will never happen." "Behave yourself." "Act differently." "Why can't you be like your brother/sister?" 

So you stopped. You stopped being YOU. You became like THEM. You lost a bit of your spark and your desire to dream and WANT. 

You formed many new unconscious beliefs based on what they said was true. These beliefs pulled you further away from your truths. You became more fearful of being different. You became doubtful that you could fit in and belong if you were that person you were told not to be. You dared not dream any longer, because then you would be different. You learned to want what everyone else wanted.

To make matters even more complicated, at this young, tender age, money became more prominent in your life.

"You can't have that because we can't afford it." "I know your friends do that activity, but it's too expensive." "Your friends obviously have money, and we don't." "Look at those rich, greedy people acting better than us driving their fancy car." "You better start working hard now if you hope to ever have money." "Money is evil so that's why we need very little." "If you want to earn money, you need to pick a respectable job like everyone else."

Dreams were obliterated from your mind. Your relationship with money was squashed before you even knew anything about money. Your unconscious mind was set in place. Your mind was in control and it dictated your actions. Your mind now told you that it was not okay to be different, to trust money, or to dream or want for anything.

Fast forward to today, where you sit and read this article. The article asks you, what do you want? 

Your heart beat quickens. You feel flustered, and even a bit agitated. "How can I not know this simple answer?"

Because you must first unlearn the ways of the past to succeed in knowing the wants in your future. You have to confront the old beliefs you carry about who you are and what you want. You have to release the fears of the past so you can truly want more money to be in your life going forward.

The truth is you DO know what you want, but you may feel afraid of the confrontation you will encounter with your unconscious mind. Your mind will haunt you with past memories, fears, and negative thoughts. It may tell you that your wants are impossible, but remember, impossible can also be read as I’M POSSIBLE. It is all a matter of perspective that you get to choose.

You are in control of YOU. You get to make choices. You also have the choice to connect to that younger you, and ask, " What do you want?". Let that inner child come through and teach you how to reconnect to your playful side that has been hidden for so long. Let yourself just dream about what it would be like to BE different and DO differently. 

Now ask yourself again, what do you want? :)

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