Powerful Thinking in Action

By Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CHDS

March 30, 2018

There is a powerful head energy swirling around that is affecting each and every one of us right now.

In Human Design, energy is everything. It explains who you are. It explains how you interact with the energies of others. Even the planets activate new energies that you and the world feel as a powerful collective energy.

The esoteric energy of the Gate 61, Inner Truth, was activated by the planet Pluto on March 6 and all of us are feeling it. For some of us, this energy is more powerful than it is for others.

Why is this important?

Pluto is a slow, outer moving planet that has an effect on the collective. It takes approximately 248 years for this planet to orbit our sun just once. Pluto represents the theme of transformation, death, and rebirth at new heightened levels. It also represents where we are here to have spiritual growth or expansion.

It is important to note that approximately 245 years ago this same Gate 61 energy was transiting. At that time, America was revolting against Great Britain in the American Revolution. It is a powerful energy that pressures the collective to awaken and glimpse truths previously unseen. 

Gate 61.png

The Gate 61, also known as Mystery or Wonder, is transiting until June 10, 2018. Currently, we are experiencing a taste of this temporary energy as a wakeup call to what is coming on a long-term basis between January 5, 2019 and January 13, 2022.

Gate 61 is the middle gate located in the Head Center. This is a deeply knowing and very individual energy. It is the gate of "why" and wonder. It is an energy that is constantly pressured to know the unknowable and to figure out all the truths of the universe. 

It is a source for inspiration and for connecting to the Divine/God/Source/Spirit, or whatever term you like to reference for higher power. However, it can also cause you to lose sleep at night because your mind is constantly thinking and wondering why things are the way they are. 

Head gates are powerful for dreaming since they connect to the abundant energies of the Universe. With this energy, you may experience vivid dreams and even dream more than usual. You may also experience dizziness, headaches, pressure in the head, or even head fog. Make sure to care for yourself by resting when your head feels like it may explode.

For those of you who have the open Head Center and the Gate 24 defined, Pluto will now activate the complete Channel of the Thinker (61-24) and the Head and Ajna Centers for you. This Channel acts as a bridge between you and the face of God.

With the full 61-24 Channel activated, take great care in managing your new unusual head symptoms. What you experience from now until June will be an example of what is to come beginning in 2019 when you will actively feel like your Head and Ajna Centers are defined for three years. Notice whether your hearing becomes more keen to hearing truth than ever before. Be cautious in how much thinking and rationalizing you may do. You can easily exhaust yourself and others with this energy. 

If you are used to meditating sitting up, you may find that laying down is more helpful in quieting the mind. The energy of the Gate 61 enters the top of the Head Center (or Crown Chakra) via the neutrinos stream. Neutrinos are star dust, or massless subatomic light particles, that rain upon your Head Center. When you are laying down, the neutrinos can no longer download into the Head as it can when you are upright. 

It really is a wonderful time to take note of the truths that come to you right now. Listen to your inner BS detector. You will have an amazing intuitive ability to flush out the "fake news" in the world. You will find that all of humanity will even more deeply question everything on a very knowing level. They will demand change, while no longer requiring the logic and proof as much as before. 

Knowingness is the ability to access and align both the right and left sides of the brain simultaneously. You will just KNOW things and you may not know how or why. Trust that you know what you know.

Trust that when you hear truth, you know it as truth.
Trust that when you hear deceit, lies, fabrication, and falsification that you just KNOW it as such.
Be cautious and weary that you can become a victim of an obsessive mind. 
Be excited that you can unleash new intuitive gifts that are here for you individually and collectively.

Allow yourself the ability to just think. Remember that you will be under enormous pressure to discern truth.

Also know that pressure is simply energy. Use the energy wisely. Care for yourself by taking breaks and getting out of your head. Be prepared for flashes of bite size truths coming at you. Allow the energy to guide you toward deep understanding, truth, and integrity. 

Have fun with questioning all that you know. Find joy in embarking on new inspirational quests.

This energy will affect you personally, professionally, and even financially. Know that it is here to guide you to find your truth and prosperity.

Know that you are here to shed light on the truth in everything. Let your new powerful thinking in action be a blessing designed to guide you more consciously along the path that is meant for you.

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