WELCOME… to realizing the infinite possibilities within YOU!

Guiding you to achieve sustainability and alignment from the inside out, so you can THRIVE personally, professionally, and financially

What value could you create if you really knew who YOU are here to BE in the world?


How would it feel to leave all of your financial worries and stresses in the past?

What would it take to open yourself up to more possibilities, more ease, and more financial sustainability?


Perhaps you know all too well what it feels like to swim in debt. Yet there is likely a (big) part of you that knows there is so much more to life than living with that troubled feeling.

Up until now, you have been bombarded by the ease and appeal of living on credit, buying things you didn't really want or need, and learning to despise money and all "its evil". Marketing dictated what society wanted. Advertisements, you've seen since you were a young child, have controlled you and your emotions whether you realized it or not.

What if you could leave all of that behind you for good?

Would you be willing to see what else is financially possible through aligning the truth of who you are with the abundance within you?


If yes, you and your heart are in the right place.

As a Certified Public Accountant, a Personal Financial Specialist, and a Certified Financial Planner™, Alana sees more than just numbers and strategies.

She recognizes YOU as the beautiful, intuitive person you are.

She sees, feels, and loves: 

♥ The infinite possibilities surrounding YOU.

♥ The gifts YOU bring to the world.

Your deep passion and your longing to contribute powerfully. 

♥ How your heart lights up when YOU dream BIG.

♥ That YOU are committed to BEing your highest and best self.

Most importantly, she guides YOU to see all of this too.

Alana is on mission to guide humanity to achieve alignment and sustainability.

What does sustainability look like for YOU?

If you are SO over the cookie cutter programming, trainings, and support out there, you know, the ones that say "I can fix you! Do it my way!" - Alana is too.

You are still in the right place.

Please know that Alana chooses to only work on an individual basis, even during group classes. Everything she teaches is personalized to fit YOU and your needs.

It is important that you are seen as the individual you are. Alana knows you have your own dreams so she wants to help you live YOUR dreams, not someone else's! 

Yes, she can help you with devising a plan to manage your debt, and increase the money in your life. Alana can also provide strategic financial tools necessary to change your trajectory from down to UP, and shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance. She can also guide you to see who you really are so you can let that beautiful person (YOU) shine in the world.

Alana’s Intentions are to:

Teach you to unlock and trust your intuitive intelligence, unwind your emotional past, transform your incongruent money habits, and listen to your inner truth that knows exactly what you need.

Guide you through this next evolution of universal expansion whereby old systems and establishments crumble and we the people of this planet, rise up together to take back our divine rights to be free, prosperous, and united in love and collaboration.

Support you energetically, heart-centrically, mentally, and emotionally.


Are you ready to have this type of support in your life right now?

How would it feel to be seen, heard, understood, empowered, inspired, valued, supported, and loved for all that is YOU?


That's the core of Prosperity Alignment. Assisting you with aligning from the inside out.

You decide your journey. Your hand is held along the way.

The integration of intuition and strategies are provided and you do it YOUR way.

What would it take for you to commit to being supported?


If you feel stuck right now and are ready for support, you are invited to schedule a time to chat below.

It is Alana’s honor to speak with you and give you a taste of how she can serve your personal, professional, and financial needs.



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Advising, Consulting, and Private Alignment Sessions

Various advising, facilitating, and consulting services are customized and offered to serve you and your business. You may prefer one session at a time, or a package of sessions. You may require specific financial advice or planning, or even a healing session using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Whatever financial alignment work you desire, you are invited to connect to see how you can be supported. Click to schedule a free consultation.

Prosperity Compass Private Program

The Prosperity Compass™ is a program designed to take you on an intimate, experiential journey around the compass. It is a three to twelve-month program designed to assist you in strengthening your relationships with self, others, and money. Currently, one-on-one private client spots are available.

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Prosperity Compass Group Program

The Prosperity Compass™ is a program designed to take you on an intimate, experiential, financial journey around the compass. It is a twelve-month program designed to assist you in taking control of your finances so you can achieve the financial freedom you desire. This program is offered only once per year.

Human Design Readings, Healing by Human Design, and Quantum Alignment Integration

Many clients choose to understand who they are energetically so they can leverage their energy, time, health, and money more wisely. Through Human Design, you learn your energy type, life and wealth strategies, and your inner authority for making decisions correct for you. You understand more deeply the person you are designed to be so you can align with your strengths and passions. It is also an option to integrate a deeper level of healing with your Human Design so you can transform your fears and limiting beliefs into powerful success attributes. Click to learn more.

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Team Alignment for Business

Integrate Human Design individually and collectively within your business. Learn how to effectively communicate, delegate, and collaborate with your co-workers/employees on a team level.


Public Speaking and Workshop Leader

Alana loves speaking, teaching, and leading live events. She feels it is truly exhilarating to stand on stage, or in front of a room, to share her wisdom with people who are hungry for learning. She would be honored to speak at your event about money, financial planning, creating a money mindset, understanding Human Design and the energies around you, and so much more. Click to learn more.

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Building more resilience in your life entails: living authentically, being courageous and decisive, feeling empowered and lovable, leveraging your energy so you can be more vital, being emotionally wise, trusting yourself, and knowing your worth. These nine keys build up your resilience so you can truly BE you while living abundantly. 

The Emotional Balance Set contains customized essential oil blends designed to hold the high vibrational frequencies of each of the nine resiliency keys. This healing work is deeply integrated into the services provided above and is based upon the Quantum Alignment System™.

Client Endorsements

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“I just wanted to hide. Not a good thing for any aspect of a life but especially bad when trying to create a business. In no time, Alana pinpointed my blocks and with absolute kindness, gave me the tools I needed to break through my fears. Her intuition is flawless. Her compassion is boundless. Her advice is pure wisdom. I am forever grateful.”
— Agalia Baker, Healing Journeys By Design