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My name is Alana Heim, and although I am not from Anaheim, my name sounds like I should be. Alana also rhymes with banana.

I am a Prosperity Facilitator, a Financial Therapist, and the Founder of Prosperity Alignment, Inc. My background includes serving over sixteen years in public accounting and another year at a local financial planning company. I attended the University of Nevada, Reno and received my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and my Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree. I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner™, a Personal Financial Specialist, a licensed life insurance agent, a Certified Human Design Specialist, and a Quantum Alignment System Practitioner. I have concentrated my expertise in federal taxation, estate planning, and financial planning. I served numerous individuals, businesses, nonprofits, trusts, and estates with preparing tax returns. I am also a contributing best-selling author of Abundance By Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design and What’s Money Got to Do With It?


My parents raised me to believe that getting a job was another part of life. Go to college and get a job. So that is what I did. I never, ever thought about being an entrepreneur. I spent all that time in public accounting guiding business owners in effectively running their businesses, but I never thought about doing that myself. Silly, right?

Yet it became clear to me that the longer I worked for someone else doing busy, energy draining work, I may never achieve the long-term goal I envisioned for myself - being a centenarian. I want to live to over age 100. I knew I had to make a change. That may seem like a lofty goal, but I see it as easily attainable. Well, it is now, but in realizing that my old job was stressing me out of my mind, I realized that I better quickly redefine my life and change the path that I was on. If I continued in that job, I would NEVER live to 100. The reality is that we each have these realizations, but sometimes we choose not to answer the call. 

I realized that although I loved working with my clients, I wasn’t fulfilling my life purpose of teaching and guiding others. I was doing the work and it was becoming monotonous and draining. I also was not working on a deeper, connective level. In public accounting, time is money, so I wasn’t spending the time and energy to truly sit with my clients to figure out their deep rooted issues with money. The reality is we all have deeper issues and fears that paralyze us and keep us from being authentic and living our dreams.

Now here I am, founder of a business that makes my heart soar with pride, and fills me with love and energy. My goals are clear: to become successful so my clients can succeed and so that I can give even more to charitable organizations that are in need of my support. I am here to teach solidarity. I am here to seek the truth, and speak my truth. I am here to stand for the transformation that our world needs. I am here to be a role model for my children so I can guide them to become citizens that stand for a world filled with love, partnership, creativity, and sustainability. I am here to teach each of you to love yourselves and become role models for your own children. I am here to spread the joy of living our legacies today because there is no better time than NOW to create our legacy instead of waiting until we pass on. Let us each share our joy and our gifts and work together. Let us shift humanity into acting from a place of love and doing what feels right. Isn’t that so powerful, yet beautifully calming? For me, yes, yes it is. :)

Okay, okay, enough about the philosophical and professional side of me. Let’s get to the juicy, personal details. I am imperfect with flaws that define me and who I am. I have gone through the heartache and learning curve of being married and then divorced. I spent time as a single mother raising my daughter, Tayla, until a friend invited me to meet my future husband and soul mate, Mike. Together, we work as a team and encourage each other to be authentic and silly. Life has been a journey for us, with curves and bumps along the road. Together, we endure, persevere, and evolve into creating a life that places our values and loves first.

I am a mother to three beautiful, precocious children; a ten year-old daughter, Tayla, and a set of five-year old twins, Hazel and Hunter. I believe deeply in the Montessori philosophy and place high value on the education it provides for children. I love that children are taught to be kind, courteous, and compassionate. They learn to work with their peers as a team, and together, they resolve any issues that arise. I have chosen to raise my little people to be citizens of the world that will care for humanity and mother nature. I have made this choice because it is one of my highest values in life. 

Lastly, here are the little things to know about me. I do not cook... Like, ever. But I sure do eat. Luckily, Mike is the chef and he can put down a healthy, delicious meal every time. I am a health nut and kind of force it upon my family, but obviously for good reason…I have a 100 year-old goal to meet! I love nature. I ground as often as I can by being barefoot in the dirt or grass, and when I am indoors, I use my earthing desk mat and grounding sheets at night. I have two spirit cats, Bailey and Venice, who still guide and love me. I have one sweet little dog, Dusty, who I often feel is like another child. I have eight chickens and a honey bee colony. I love living as sustainably as possible. I love to travel. My ultimate goal is to travel with my family to third world countries, so my children humbly have a greater appreciation for what life is all about. Live simply to simply live could easily be my motto. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy bio. If you feel compelled to reach out to learn more and to see if we are a good fit to work together, you are invited to please do so! Let’s schedule a Prosperity Breakthrough session to see how I can support you and your family achieve the future you envision through a loving relationship with money and each other. In the meantime, you are invited to request your free Human Design chart and keep in touch by subscribing to my monthly newsletter. I look forward to the possibility of meeting you, working with you, or seeing your beautiful Human Design chart!

♥ ♥ ♥

My Intentions are to:

♥ Teach you to unlock and trust your intuitive intelligence, unwind your emotional past, transform your incongruent money habits, and listen to your inner truth that knows exactly what you need.

♥ Guide you through this next evolution of universal expansion whereby old systems and establishments crumble and we the people of this planet, rise up together to take back our divine rights to be free, prosperous, and united in love and collaboration.

♥ Support you energetically, financially, heart-centrically, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

♥ ♥ ♥