Prosperity and Financial Expansion

Prosperity and Financial Expansion

To expand is to grow. To grow is to evolve. To evolve is exactly what your soul seeks.

In the video below (7:02) , I share my thoughts on expansion and how you can expand financially.

In the financial industry, it’s so easy to focus on contraction, constriction, and making budget cuts. But no one likes budgeting!

In fact, what if you could focus more on expanding your wealth potential within your job, your business, or your own personal finances?

The Art of Creating YOU

The Art of Creating YOU

There is an art to you. There is an art to how you were created. There is an art to how you are still creating you…right now.

Yes, the universe played a creative role in aligning the energies to design the physical experience your soul essence is having…right now.

If it feels as if you have no choice in the matter, I want you to know that you did…and you still DO have a choice…right now.

You always get to choose the role you play in this life and how you engage with the energies.

Just because your unique Human Design may say you’re supposed to be a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to be. Because you have free will, you have a choice.

You choose the frequency of the energy you radiate out. There are higher expressions and there are lower expressions. Every day of your life, you get to choose which ones you will wear, share, and BE.

You get to choose whether you live in fear, or live with trust that you are supported. You determine if negative vibrations are a part of your source field, or if positive energies are.

You get to choose to learn from the contrast in your life to guide you to where you want to go and who you want to be.

The Unique Expression of You and What Would Jesus Do?

The Unique Expression of You and What Would Jesus Do?

Here's the serendipitous thing about the universe, it shows up for you when you ask. When you begin to get curious, signs follow you around to point you in the right direction.

Take for instance this magical picture that I took. No it was not photoshopped.

The week before I took this picture, I had begun my infatuation with Dolores Cannon and her hypnotherapy work. I began reading her book, Jesus and the Essenes. It gave me such insight into what I knew inside of me to be true about Jesus, which of course never coincided with what I was taught.

During our time at Disney World back in February, I didn't carry my phone too often. The first day I didn't use it at all. The second day I brought it, clearly to have it for this moment. I carried it with me as my family and friends experienced the safari expedition at the Animal Kingdom. 

I loved the views and the sights of nature, so I took many pictures.

At the time, I didn't see the name. I actually saw it after the fact, given when I looked in the sky there it was. An airplane was writing a message in the sky. I can't remember the exact message. I don't think I completely agreed with it.

But I was blown away when I looked back in my camera and saw that this was the picture I took. Only Jesus was seen in the sky over the majestic land. 

I knew it was a sign.

Facing Rejection

Facing rejection is something we tend to fear. We would rather deal with the “what ifs” rather than the actual rejection. However, our fear is often just in our heads. Most of the time, the rejection may never even happen! But when it does, how do you prepare yourself? What if there isn’t enough time to prepare? How resilient are you in the face of rejection? And are you able to learn from it?

Take a moment to listen to my account of being fired twice since having my twins. If you want to listen in half the time, then make sure to change the playback speed in Youtube. (I absolutely LOVE this feature!)

After watching, you’re invited to share below where you have faced rejection and how rejection helped you to learn about yourself, the other person, and the situation - and how to grow from it all.

With love and gratitude,

The Blessings of Death

The Blessings of Death

I used to be fearful of losing a loved one. What I feared most was my reaction to that loss. Being an emotionally tribal person, relationships are important to me. Sometimes I have taken them for granted. Sometimes I have nurtured them too little. Ultimately, I care very deeply whether that love is expressed verbally, physically, or not. 

I have realized that my undefined Spleen holds on to things, including relationships, for longer than I should. I didn’t know how to say goodbye because I didn’t know how to let go while seeing the good in it. 

Until now. 

When my cat Venice died two years ago, I broke down. It took me a while to process her death and recover so that I could continue to live. [You can read the blog from that time HERE.] 

Because I didn’t handle it so well, I had been afraid of facing more death. I feared I wouldn’t know how to live.

Yet with losing Donna, one of my closest friends (and longest friend of over 30 years), I had to face that fear. Experiencing the loss of a human life was different. It felt so hard, so devastating, and so real.

I felt a deep sadness for what would never be in this life. I felt pain for the loss of a beautiful soul whose heart gave more than most without any hesitation. I felt anger for the family left behind, including two little girls. I felt remorse for not doing more, making more efforts, and being there for her.

I cried for at least a week. The lessons I learned were so profound to my evolution, and my healing. My heart was cracked wide open. I began to truly feel my emotional energy like never before. There was NO stopping the waves of emotions that burst from me. There was NO stopping the tears that flowed freely and passionately. 

May Your Truth Set You Free

 May Your Truth Set You Free

The truth is I am really inconsistent in posting blogs and sending out monthly newsletters.

Timing is part of the problem. The other part is that I like to honor my flow, my energy, and my truth.

Sometimes it takes longer for the flow and the truth to come through me. You see I have an emotional wave, so I need more time to make my decisions and share my truth. Approximately half of you may also have this need for clarity to come over time.

So how easy is it to honor your timing? How easy is it to honor your truth? And express it?

With so many ups and downs for each of us to experience, there can be a lot of emotions which always require more time for processing. In giving yourself the additional time you need, you begin to learn YOUR truth.

To be honest, your truth is needed. More than you may realize.

Working On the Self

Working On the Self

Working on the self to develop and grow is a process, even a work-in-process.

At times, the process feels like a long winding road with dead ends, obstacles, and all. Often we wish for it to just be easy. Can you relate?

Working on me is something I do every day. I dive deeper to understand my emotions, my needs, my fears, my expectations - all so that I can more clearly communicate who I am to others.

It feels really hard to communicate effectively with others if I am not doing that with myself first.

For me, there is an innate knowing that I am here to make a big impact in the world. I am here to guide and share, and to do that, I have to be in alignment with my truth, my needs, my creativity, and my gifts.

Without that alignment, I struggle. I fear. I resist. I lose my way along the road.

But along the way, there are always guides supporting us.

Goodbye Inner Truth and Old Ways of Thinking

Goodbye Inner Truth and Old Ways of Thinking

I want to gratefully say goodbye to the Gate 61 INNER TRUTH energy that was activated by Pluto between March 7 and June 10, 2018. I previously wrote in detail how this energy may have impacted you. You can read that article, Powerful Thinking in ActionHERE

Because all of us experienced this energy for three months, there are many new realizations that may have come to light. You may have created new questions to ask in order to research the things that no longer felt true for you.

You may have discovered that there were pieces of historical information that no longer seemed true or correct. You may have begun to ask WHY in a whole new light. You may have begun to know things that you didn't "know" previously.

The Gate 61 energy is powerfully unique in its thinking. It is different from the ways you were taught to think and learn and is very individually based. It can be hard to trust and believe this knowingness given it is so different.

However, these new insights may have led you to uncover and even expose the lies you once believed. You may have said goodbye to old beliefs, old ideas, and even old ways of thinking without realizing it.

The Perceptions of Who You Are...

The Perceptions of Who You Are...

Who are you to judge others?
Who are you to be judged by others?

Who are you to criticize others?
Who are you to be criticized by others?

Who are you to laugh at others?
Who are you to be laughed at by others?

Who are you to treat others rudely?
Who are you to be treated rudely?

Who are you to distrust others?
Who are you to be distrusted by others?

Who are you to ignore others?
Who are you to be ignored by others?

Who are you to think you are better than others?
Who are you to have others think they are better than you?

Who are you to punish others?
Who are you to be punished by others?