Making Powerful Decisions

By Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CHDS

June 2, 2017


I know how hard it can be to make decisions. I lived most of my life believing that I was indecisive.

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There were times when I would second guess myself. There were even times when I knew what was best for me, but I would choose to distrust that feeling rather than act upon it.

I speak in the past tense, because I now fully trust myself and my decision making abilities. I now know exactly my process and how it works for me. I also know how my husband makes decisions. Together, we can approach a decision and know what works best for us as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. 

I feel like society conditions us to believe that we each have to make quick decisions. We are told over and over that we must decide right now, in the moment. 

Unfortunately, at least half of the population needs time for clarity. That means they need to honor their emotional wave by having enough time to process the decision through the entire length of the wave, from crest to trough.

I have this need. I have the need for time to make a decision. 

I so get it now why I would feel so much anxiety when someone would pressure me to decide something right NOW. I would literally stress out and then look like a deer in headlights. It is why when anyone wants to sell me something, my emotional-freak-out-warning-system goes off. It sounds an alarm to warn me that I need more time to decide. In that moment, I have NO idea what I want. 

Mike and I recently encountered a big decision that we had to make. We were faced with whether to commit to having Hazel and Hunter attend a Montessori private school this Fall 2017.

We realized that we had received the invitation to apply for enrollment. After the twins had been evaluated, we then received the big invitation to join the school by accepting placement for each child into the Primary programs.

At this moment, we were excited yet nervous. Here is where we had to commit and choose YES or NO. The truth is we already know in our hearts that all three of our kids MUST go to this school. The Montessori philosophy is what we live and breathe in our home. We greatly desire our kids to attend to learn to become good citizens. I have this want on my vibrational vision board and have visualized it for quite some time.

So what was so hard about deciding? What piece is always a component that comes up around a decision?


Money is one of the clear struggles that most people have in life. It is what I guide my clients to take control of so they can achieve financial security and freedom.

So what was hard?

It is always hard for humanity to take a risk. It is difficult to honor our inner knowing on what FEELS right when we are uncertain about the money piece. 

"Well I could go on that trip, but I don't have the money."

"I really want to do that but how much does it cost?"

These thoughts and comments show up for each of us all of the time. And it is these thoughts that derail our true decision.

Fortunately, I already know how to make my decision. I already know to trust that I am fully supported and that the money WILL show up. When I follow what is true and correct for me, everything works out effortlessly and easily. 

That sounds crazy, right?

I assure you this craziness is exactly part of the decision-making process. 

So of course, my husband and I said YES to having Tayla, Hazel, and Hunter attend private school.

Do we know exactly at this moment where and how we will acquire $26k for our children to attend? No. Am I worried about it? Honestly, the worry subsides more and more each day. 

What I know is that when I have wanted something and I honored my truths, it has shown up for me. There are many possibilities that I can tap into. I am deeply supported at all times. I trust this belief and I bury it further into my unconscious. 

You are deeply supported at all times. I know this and believe it, do you?

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