Inner Beauty

By Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CHDS

May 1, 2017



I have inner beauty. You have inner beauty. We each have a radiant inner beauty.

I wonder though, do you see it? Do you recognize your inner beauty? 

And more importantly, do you share your inner beauty?



Everywhere I go, I notice people hiding from the truth of who they are. They have a profound beauty that stretches beyond external features. Yet this beauty is most often covered up in pounds of makeup, or heavy clothing. Even with adding these extra layers, I feel their discomfort. I feel their insecurities. I feel their longing to be more.

I wonder if you are stepping into the truth of who you are. I wonder if you choose to hide what lies beneath your skin, the parts that are so raw and real and beautiful.

The truth is you ARE beautiful. Your beauty lies within you. The internal you so deeply illuminates the external you. Do you see that? 

To align with your whole being allows you to share your gorgeous personality. Inner and outer alignment allows you to express the passions that light you up and bring you joy. 

Over the years, as I have learned to embrace ME, I have learned that what lies beneath shines through exponentially and more powerfully when I own it and let it out. When I am simply being ME, and simply being true to who I am, I am confident. I am empowered. I am inspirational. I am magnificent. I am ME. 

It really only matters what I think about me. If I worry about what others think, then I give my power away. If I let others dictate who I am, I become inauthentic. I become disempowered. I become… someone else.

If you notice yourself judging others, ask yourself, where else have I felt and believed judgment in my life? Notice when and where you presently judge yourself and then change it. 

When you can love yourself whole-heartedly, and speak to yourself with kind, and loving words, you will do the same with everyone around you. 

The truth is I am here to be me. You are here to be you. If people choose to abhor that notion, that is their issue. If they dislike the real me or the real you, they were never the right people to be in our lives in the first place.

Do you feel me?

BE you. Love YOU as you are. Let your inner beauty shine. Let your passions ignite so you can live out your desires in an authentic, and empowering way. 

Inner beauty is contagious. Share the grace of being YOU everywhere you go, serendipitously. Be the contagion others catch and assist them in their evolutionary endeavor of being authentic.

I see the inner beauty in each uniquely beautiful person I meet. I also see the pain they carry from within. What I know is that when you can release those pains, fears, and self-doubts, you can shine brighter than ever before. 

Remember, you ARE innately beautiful.

♥ ♥ ♥

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