The Controlling Truth About Fear

The Controlling Truth About Fear

Fear was once an important piece of the human puzzle. It gave humans the instinct to run, hide, and survive.

But is fear really that important anymore?

You’re encouraged to explore this answer more deeply.

For some of you, fear is all you know. It was around you as a child. Your mom was afraid something would happen to you. Your dad was afraid he couldn’t support the family. Your teachers were afraid of going against the curriculum. Your friends were afraid you wouldn’t like them. Everything breathed in fear, and breathed out even more fear. 

The doctor office you visited had lingering fear balls of tension - from parents worried about their children and how to pay the doctor, to doctors fearing they weren’t charging enough or spending enough quality time with their patients.

Billboards, newspapers, television commercials, and all other advertising mediums boasted fear-based tactics. They used fear to advertise why you had to have something NOW or else face the nasty consequence of what would happen if you did NOT purchase that product. Government agencies focused on the fear around controlling outbreaks, paying your taxes, and protecting the borders.

Unfortunately, these same tactics are heavily present in the modern world. All of those tactics of yesterday…are still used today.

Everywhere you look, there is fear. Lurking. Waiting to attack you. Or attack through you.

So is fear really important?