The Controlling Truth About Fear

Fear was once an important piece of the human puzzle. It gave humans the instinct to run, hide, and survive.

But is fear really that important anymore?

You’re encouraged to explore this answer more deeply.

For some of you, fear is all you know. It was around you as a child. Your mom was afraid something would happen to you. Your dad was afraid he couldn’t support the family. Your teachers were afraid of going against the curriculum. Your friends were afraid you wouldn’t like them. Everything breathed in fear, and breathed out even more fear. 

The doctor office you visited had lingering fear balls of tension - from parents worried about their children and how to pay the doctor, to doctors fearing they weren’t charging enough or spending enough quality time with their patients.

Billboards, newspapers, television commercials, and all other advertising mediums boasted fear-based tactics. They used fear to advertise why you had to have something NOW or else face the nasty consequence of what would happen if you did NOT purchase that product. Government agencies focused on the fear around controlling outbreaks, paying your taxes, and protecting the borders.

Unfortunately, these same tactics are heavily present in the modern world. All of those tactics of yesterday…are still used today.

Everywhere you look, there is fear. Lurking. Waiting to attack you. Or attack through you.

So is fear really important?

Obviously if certain consequences need to be made to seem important. It’s the greatest control tool out there! Scare someone enough and they’ll give in and say yes. Threaten them with fear and they’ll do what you say or want. 

But is that really what life is all about? 

Controlling others? Forcing them to do what they don’t want to do in the name of… security, health, money, and love?

Here’s the important realization. Humanity, like all living things, is on an evolutionary journey. Everything is shifting. Physically we are shifting. Our DNA is transforming. Our consciousness is expanding. Everything that used to work, isn’t working anymore because of all of this evolution. 

The old ways of FEAR is over. See ya!

It is time to welcome in more trust, love, peace, harmony, and higher consciousness.

As humanity evolves, our need for fear is diminishing. But is fear really lessening in your life? Or is it still controlling your life more than ever?

As a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Financial Planner(TM), clients come to me with many fears that relate to money and finances. Oftentimes, these fears were learned or picked up from the world around them. They learned that the stock market is a scary place to invest. They learned that you worry about not having enough money.

I am curious, which fears are holding you back right now? Are they work or business related? Are they related to finances?

When fear holds you back, you might not take the action you really want. Maybe it looks like you staying in that same job in the name of financial security because you’re too afraid to go after financial freedom. Maybe it means being in a loveless relationship because you’re too afraid to leave and find that you really are worth more than you or your partner thinks.

Fear plays massive mind games. It wreaks havoc when you allow it because you’re too afraid to see any other possibility. 

One of the tools I use with clients, Human Design, is helpful in assessing which fear energies you feel inconsistently from the world around you, and which you radiate out into the world. Whether you’re afraid of: not being good enough, the future, the past, failing your responsibilities, being a failure, life being hard, or being imperfect; these fears were learned in some capacity. 

When you begin to understand the fears you feel, you begin to face them, and let them go. You also begin to see the fear others sling in your face. Because you see it, you learn to adeptly move out of the way so it has no effect on you. 

You recognize you have a choice. You get to choose whether to let fear control you, or to let fear go and begin to trust instead. 

As you endeavor to trust your intuition, rather than listen to the external fear-based lies plastered everywhere, the fear subsides. You feel more free. Possibilities seem to sprout up for you as dandelions in a summer lawn.

Please know fears do not define you. You are NOT your fears. 

You can begin to let go of your fears; however, you must understand FEAR. What it is, how it shows up, when it happens, what it feels like, and how to deal with it. 

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You are not meant to face your fears alone. Come receive the support you need to conquer your fears. 

May your evolutionary journey continue to serve you, and the world around you in the most sustainably loving way.

With love + gratitude,

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