Gate 18 - Let go of the fear of imperfection and step into the power of improving

In Human Design, there are fear gates coming off the Spleen Center. For the next couple of days, Mercury and Venus are activating the gate 18. In the lower, expression the gate 18 is the fear of imperfection. In the higher expression, this gate is all about improving or correcting. There is room for improvement in our systems, and this energy sees that and wants to make an impactful difference.

Watch this short video (16:33) to learn more.

Fear gives you the opportunity to learn and step more fully into trusting. It's time to learn to trust - yourself, each other, humanity, the universe! The more you trust, the more you let go of fear and the old powers it held over you.

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Continue dancing, trusting, and loving!

It would be an honor to be your guide and to deeply support you for eight weeks during the healing energy of Libra and the self-development energy of Scorpio.

Sending you love and light! ♥