She Lives On...

During the month of May, I watched this beautiful plant blossom. This gorgeous plant appeared right next to the stake and rock formation we placed as a memorial for our cat, Venice, who we buried just three months prior. The crazy thing is that we never planted this flowering beauty. She just appeared. I intuitively knew the color of the flowers before they presented themselves. I know Venice is with me in spirit, and now in this new form. I felt called to reflect on this experience in the form of a letter to Venice below.

Dear Venice,

My sweet cat, I feel so blessed and supported. It calms me to see the beauty you now portray. 

And look at you! You radiate an exuberant prosperity purple!

It warms my heart to see that color, the color that stirs my spiritual and altruistic natures. You now exude this beauty for us to see and enjoy.

There are moments when I think of you and a tear comes to each eye. I can still see you vividly. I can still remember the feeling of your soft fur. I can still hear the clicking your toenails made as you walked on the floor.

And then I see that magnificent plant and I just smile. I smile knowing you are right here with me, just in a new, beautiful form. 

The kids still talk about you. Bailey still meows and looks for you. I still see you. We all miss you.

We come out to greet you and you wave to us with the wind as your guide.

I don't even know what kind of plant you are I just know that we never planted you, and nothing has ever grown there before we buried you there. It's like you have manifested so much love through spirit and mother earth to bestow this great gift for us to enjoy.

Thank you Venice. You bring joy where there was sorrow and sadness. You bring light when I sometimes feel the darkness of your passing. You bring tears because I feel the emotions that connect me to you. You bring life in a new way. You bring clarity in understanding the transformation of energy that happens upon death, and the realization that death is not forever. You bring love, always.

You, sweet cat, are still with me, always.

With love + gratitude,