New Impending Life Changes

Summer is slowly winding down. I see that school is back in session for most families.

For my family, school actually starts at the end of the month.

This has me rethinking about what I desire in my life given all three of my children will now be in school. My husband is actually beyond ecstatic, more so than I am, because freedom looms in the distance.

Freedom of time, energy, and fulfillment of purpose. 

Oh how it is what we have wanted and it is about to happen. THIS month!

Why are we SO excited? Our twins are only three, so this is their first adventure of leaving the house every day to attend school. They are newbies to this part of life.

They are also new to experiencing being apart from each other. 

We chose a Montessori education for many reasons, and the requirement that they be separated was one of those reasons. For us, there is massive benefit in allowing our children to create their own individuality through friends, teachers, and experiences - instead of just each other. 

I think they are going to LOVE it. It may be a little difficult at first, but I know how easily these two rockstars can adapt and persevere. They have potential for greatness and it is important to us that we allow them the space to be their own unique individuals.

I value their abilities to be who they each are here to be. I value individuality and the expression of that uniqueness. 

It is hard for me to imagine what they may feel when this time comes. I know what it is like to have a brother who was younger and had his own teachers and friends. The difference though is that he and I were not together every waking and sleeping moment of life, from birth through age 3 1/3.

It will be interesting how dynamics change in our household. 

During the day, it will be quiet. Maybe a little lonely? Maybe a little liberating?

After school, all three kids will be back together. Will they truly be happy to see each other? Will they share their joys and experiences? Or will they bicker and fight just because they have been apart for so long?

I see how important it is for me to have a consistent work schedule so I can achieve my work by 4:00 pm each day. That means beginning work as soon as the kids are off to school. And that is actually a whole new concept for me. (*It really is!*)

My creative flow usually hits me in the afternoon so I enjoy a work start of noon through the early evening. Now that my children will be gone all day, and I will only have the early evenings to spend with them, I know how important it is that I adjust my schedule.

It's time to get flexible.

It's time to embrace additional changes in my life.

It's time to adjust.

It is also time to get my personal and business responsibilities in order during the day. Those include working out, self-care, household chores, work time - client care, marketing, admin, training/education, reading, sales, lunches, networking, everything else - all during 8-4 pm.

Yup. I have to get my time management in order in just three weeks.

I know you are thinking sarcastically "welcome to the real world lady".

I know this is what everyone has to manage in life - work, personal, kids, extracurricular, dinners, LIFE in general. It is exhausting just thinking about it all!

How can one manage time with family and even ME time when there are SO many responsibilities and it feels impossible to get all of it done?

For me, I realize that I am a co-creator in my life. I get to make choices and design my life to fit what I want. So I am mapping out right now what it is that I desire for this impending transition in my life.


The problem is we forget that we can ask for what we want. We forget that we can make choices to fulfill our commitments instead of sacrificing everything we really want.

I want to be present and fully participating in my childrens' lives. Therefore, I must begin to realize that I AM present and fully participating. 

If I want to spend time with them after school, I have to choose to have my work done by that time.

I am now telling myself that "I AM available for my family at 4 pm each day," so my subconscious mind sees it and believes it and makes it happen for me.

Retraining my subconscious is crucial to this success. I need it to be onboard with me so it helps me get there instead of being a barrier. Does that make sense?

Just the same, if I want my children to get home from school and get along, I need to ask for that specifically in terms that allow my subconscious to visualize it already happening right now - even though that is three weeks away.

"I am grateful for my children getting along so well after school each day."

The truth is I can REALLY SEE that happening too. It makes me smile. I can feel the joy of my children.

It make me smile seeing myself right by their sides after school each day. It is already possible because I am seeing the possibility!

You are able to do this too. Have you tried it? Has it worked for you?

Begin to visualize and think in terms of what you want to happen during any upcoming transitions you may have.

Then come back and share below what you experienced. I would love to know what worked for you, or where you may have felt stuck.

If you have experienced a similar situation, I would love for you to share below. Tell me about your wants, and how you made them happen for you.

I am here to support you. We are all in this together, so let's help each other realize that ANYTHING is possible and that you can totally have all that you desire.