When Sickness Hits and Clears a Path

During April, I suffered the biggest cold I have had in quite a while. It felt big for me because I really was down and my body needed to sleep for almost a week. But it was just a cold. I was able to avoid doctors as usual. I had lovelies who gave me bone broth, and essential oils. My homeopathy remedies, Neti Pot solutions, and Reiki sessions assisted my body with healing. But healing just FELT slow. 

I feel like I run myself down quite often, even though one of my main focuses is taking it easy with work to avoid burnout and body breakdown.

I knew there was a lot on my plate this month so I was already wondering if my body could keep up. I know that some of this thinking is certainly a part of why I did get sick.

At the beginning of the month I was coming off a nice week long vacation. I was relaxed but obviously still holding at a less than blissful level.

I then attended a 3-day event, the Women's Leadership Summit, with Sage Lavine, my beautiful mentor and coach pictured here. The event was powerful and intense. Three full days of information, networking, and even participating as one of the event's laser coaches. 

I was able to catch up with many of the goddesses from the year-long Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy (ELA) I joined a year ago when I was starting my business.

The first two full days lasted from 9 am to nearly 10 pm. The final day went from 9 am to 6 pm. With coaching 2 1/2 hours during breaks and lunches throughout the weekend, my self-care and alone time suffered during the conference. I definitely notice this was a contributor to me getting sick. I now realize that I really have to honor myself and my body when I am surrounded by lots of people all day long for multiple days.

400+ Women attended Women's Leadership Summit in Pacific Grove, CA

400+ Women attended Women's Leadership Summit in Pacific Grove, CA

As a Projector, I need alone time. I need time to regenerate and to discharge all of the energies I pick up from others. I also need time in nature. When this alone time suffers, I keep pushing. My willpower takes over and I keep coasting at a pace that is unsustainable for me. 

I returned home empowered and amped. I was still flying high with unsustainable energy. My lovely family all welcomed me home with open, sickly arms. 

I rested and gave myself down time, knowing that I was already surrounded by sickness and germs. But the show had to go on, right? I still had sick kids to take care of because hubby was down. 

I still had to enjoy Easter with my family. I still had a workshop to prepare for and lead. I still had clients to see and guide. I still had my group program to teach. I still had to support Tayla at her soccer games. I still had to participate on my ELA call as it was the final call to the one-year program I completed. I still had lunches to attend. I still had to cheer on Tayla at her annual jog-a-thon. I still had twins turning three years old. I still had responsibilities that were treated as more important than my well-being. I still had choices... and they all came before my well-being.

Obviously, I got sick, right? Should it really surprise anyone? :)

And this is typical of each of us. We tend to do more and be more than our beautiful physical forms can handle.

I am just grateful for finally getting in some rest. Although I also had a collaborative event with Enlightenment Now at the end of the month, it did include Shaktipat meditations and deep relaxation. I also got to create a vision board that really helped me to release some creative energy I had buried within.

All in all, I am pleased with the success I achieved in April. I am grateful for the flurry of busyness and the energies that enveloped me, but I am so blessed my body forcefully shut me down so I could actually recover the way it needed to recover. 

Thank you sweet body. Thank you glorious physical form. You are wise. You are safe. You are beautiful. You are loved. 

With love + gratitude, Alana