May Your Truth Set You Free

The truth is I am really inconsistent in posting blogs and sending out monthly newsletters.

Timing is part of the problem. The other part is that I like to honor my flow, my energy, and my truth.

Sometimes it takes longer for the flow and the truth to come through me. You see I have an emotional wave, so I need more time to make my decisions and share my truth. Approximately half of you may also have this need for clarity to come over time.

So how easy is it to honor your timing? How easy is it to honor your truth? And express it?

With so many ups and downs for each of us to experience, there can be a lot of emotions which always require more time for processing. In giving yourself the additional time you need, you begin to learn YOUR truth.

To be honest, your truth is needed. More than you may realize.

I am grateful that you are here, on this planet, sharing your gifts, your message, your value, and your truth.

Your truth is valuable. YOU are valuable. Whether you can see it or feel it now, please know this is true.

Please also know that the world as we know it is changing because YOU are changing. 

You are evolving and growing into your TRUTH.

Take a moment to breathe that in. 

In society, we have been trained to share truth, or believe truth, when we hear phrases such as "truth be told" and "honestly", along with those truth statements I have already seeded above.

My question to you is, what is truth? And what defines and proves truth?

How often do you feel the words spoken, written, and conveyed by others as a way to discern truth?

What is YOUR truth?
Do you honor your truth and share it freely?
Do you live authentically at all times?

It's okay if you do not do this... yet. You have today, or tomorrow to begin your journey into feeling your truth, evolving into your truth, and living YOUR truth.

This is the beauty of life. You are an evolution of creation. Every day you are learning who you are. You are learning what YOUR truth is and that is a power in and of itself.

That is why Human Design is such an important piece of the puzzle. It allows you to begin to see, feel, experience, and know YOUR truth.

It gives you a unique blueprint that guides you to understand yourself in a beautiful, magnificent way.

After you have obtained your Human Design Chart, what actions can you take to learn YOUR truth?

First, be curious. Notice what others are saying or writing, and wonder if it is truth. Ask questions. Hold back (where and when you can) from going along with what you are being told, so you can maintain a neutral position. 

Second, listen to what stirs within you. What awareness has come to your attention? Notice what you feel. Do you feel anger or peace? Do you feel tension or lightness inside of you? Notice if you are feeling the other person's thoughts, beliefs, emotions, fears, or judgments. Follow your specific Authority for making decisions correct for you.

Third, walk away. Take a break. Get out of the energy of others, so you can recognize how you feel on your own. Are you still getting worked up? Are you able to see beyond what you heard initially?

Lastly, acknowledge your truth. It may not come to you in the moment. For some of us, our truth comes with time and through the emotions we feel. Recognize where something is missing within the story. Notice which pieces do not fit the puzzle. Can you investigate further? Are there more questions and conversations you can have to unravel what is true? 

Remember that truth comes in various forms and is different for each of us. The only truth that matters is that which resides in your heart. You know what is true. The journey is learning to listen to it and honoring it as your moral compass. 

As the world continues to evolve, so too will the historical truths of humanity. 

We will learn of past lies shared as a way to "protect" the people. We will learn about corruption used as a means to control and enslave us in ways we never thought possible.

The goal is for you to react deliberately with love, to discern truth, and to trust that all will be right when you listen to your truth.

As a sneak peek into the importance of seeking and speaking your truth, please know that beginning on January 6, 2019, Pluto activates the Gate 61, INNER TRUTH, for all of us. This energy is activated through September 10, 2019; October 25, 2019 through March 15, 2021; and again June 11, 2021 through January 14, 2022. Pluto will travel retrograde for one final activation between September 5, 2022 and November 10, 2022. 

Get ready to explore your inner truth on an even deeper level. It’s going to be revolutionary!

Until then, follow your inner moral, golden compass of truth, and allow it to lead you to your prosperity. Live according to your Human Design Type and Authority so it is that much easier to know and flow with your truth.

May your truth set you free!

With love + gratitude,

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