Memoirs of 2016: How I Grew My Wings

I truly evolved in 2016. I learned so much. I grew so much. I found more of ME. I shared more of ME. I stepped into BEing ME and truly loving all of ME.

At the beginning of 2016, I was on a bit of a high. Life was good. Things were going well after having achieved so much in 2015. My husband and I hired a Financial Planner. We also hired a housecleaner. That was something we realized was worth spending our money on as it would free up our energy and relieve our stress load. This all happened only two weeks into the New Year.

Consciously, it was unexpected that I would ever consider quitting my job. Yet, one January afternoon as I sat listening to different online health summits at work, the Universe prodded me to reevaluate my reality. I was suddenly faced with a knowing that something was missing from my professional life.

Up until that point in time, I had felt like things in my life were good.  My family and I had money in the bank. We spent happy moments together. I liked my job. I loved my clients. Tax season was still weeks away, so my stress was low. But there was a choice looming in my mind. Was my life actually exactly as I wanted it to be? Was I living my life purpose as a CPA?

Over the next couple of days, I unravelled. My emotions jolted up, down, and all around. I was deeply sad, and then somewhat angry. I vented to friends and family. I felt their support. I weighed in on my options. I realized I had options. My brain wanted me to plan and figure out HOW to make things happen.

Should I quit my job? Could I go work somewhere else? Should I start a business?

I was unsure, so I continued to learn. I followed my mentor. As I listened to her weekly energetic transit reports, I found more and more clarity. I also found clarity in removing my HOW way of thinking. Was it coincidence that I had already barely two weeks prior purchased the full Human Design Specialist training program? Of course not. My unconscious had already been in planning mode, much sooner than my conscious mind ever had. 

I knew change was coming. I just didn't know HOW yet. I followed my heart. I continued to work and be as happy as I could be. I focused on my mindset and my gratitude for having a job that allowed me to listen and learn as I worked. I continued to learn about Human Design and also began to listen to more  business related online summits. I worked on removing the bitterness that was seeping in. As invitations arrived, I said yes when I had emotional clarity and when they felt good. 

I committed to trainings and conferences that I was unsure of how I would attend, because they were during tax season. And somehow it DID all work out. I trusted the Universe and that it would support me. I began to plan my transition, all during tax season. I created possibilities and the Universe filled them.

I became more and more empowered, courageous, and decisive in making plans to create my own business. I knew that to have all that I desired - a wealth of money, time and energy - I had to work for myself. I had to become my own boss. I had to become an entrepreneur who could craft and design exactly how I am here to work.

I went on a soul branding journey that pulled my soul essence into the name of my business - Prosperity Alignment. I found mentorship through Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy and I committed to joining its year-long program. I met beautiful, spiritual souls through these conferences, classes, and trainings. They too could relate to what I was experiencing and why a shift was so dire for me and my family.

As I continued to plan for my business, the Universe sent me more opportunities via invitations. By the time I had given notice at my job in the beginning of May, I had already written a chapter for the Abundance By Design book, had my first speaking engagement lined up, and had set up the entity for my business. Things were aligning just as they should. The less I stressed and worried, the more things showed up for me. 

Prosperity Alignment is now my focus - from 2016 to infinity. I have committed to it being my Plan A, as Plan B in non-existent. I no longer prepare income taxes, and I intend to keep it that way indefinitely. Tax seasons are something I choose to avoid, so that I may enjoy my family and my own sanity. I can now breathe deeply. I can now enjoy the life I am here to live.

Gone are the ceilings and walls that were all around me. My income can grow to as big of a container as I determine. My net worth is more important than ever to me, so that I may use it to do even more good in the world. My energy is now used carefully and wisely. I work when I have motivation and inspiration. My work schedule consists of much needed flexible time off every month. My clients work into my schedule, as opposed to me working into theirs. My time is used to enjoy life first, with work following thereafter. My values (family, health, education, authenticity, and intuition) are consistently aligned with my purpose, my passion, my heart, and my soul. 

I enjoyed 2016. It was a year of substantial professional changes that allowed for personal fulfillment. I finally felt like I LIVED in 2016. That is a huge change from prior years, where I merely SURVIVED. In the past, work was life. I changed that order. I began to live and then work.


My husband, Mike, and I enjoyed many vacations together sans kids in 2016, because of my choice to retire as a typical CPA. We went to Sonoma for a long weekend. We enjoyed a lovely, quiet week in Hawaii. We also traveled to Monterey, CA and to Las Vegas, NV and Flagstaff, AZ for different trainings I had. It was truly wonderful to spend quality time together in beautiful locations filled with gorgeous sunsets, ocean views, and magical landscapes.

We did vacation with our beautiful children, too. We visited San Diego and Northern California and spent time with our families. We played way more than usual, and that felt really nice. 

Life was so much more enjoyable. Yes, we still had struggles, but we also had each other. We experienced joy, laughter, tears, growth, ambition, strength, courage, wisdom, and so much love. Love for each other. Love for ourselves. Love for others. Love for this world. 

During the year, I purged and cleansed my heart and soul - mentally and emotionally - to remove old fears and beliefs. This allowed me the space and capacity to release physical clutter in my home at the end of the year. I was finally ready to let go of old possessions so that I could simplify and GROW. Christmas was spent with loved ones. We kept it simple. We chose to add little to the clutter that had been removed. It was refreshing.

2016 led me to so many realizations. I realize there are beginnings and endings and for very good reason. It is okay to grieve over those endings. It is okay to learn from those experiences. I realize that struggle is real. It is what you make of it. It also provides an awakening experience from which to learn. I realize that emotions are always present. I have to listen to them. I have to let them out through expression. It is okay to share my joy or my sadness. Emotions are a part of me and you. It is okay to live by them. 

I realize I have needs. I need to be present. It gives me peace of mind and gratitude. I need laughter. It cleanses me. I need alone time. It gives me time to find clarity, to rejuvenate, and to connect to ME and my higher self. I need support. It gives me reassurance that I am on a journey with others, and it also keeps me on track. I need love. It encourages me to keep sharing my gifts. I need few material possessions. Life is simple. I crave simplicity. 

I realize that I always have choices. I choose love. I choose to enjoy this journey. I choose gratitude. I choose to give. I choose to smile. I choose to be positive. I choose sustainability. I choose simplicity. I choose nature. I choose laughter. I choose FUN. I choose to receive. I choose to live. I choose prosperity.

I choose to be of service. My business is the vehicle that allows me to serve you on a grander scale. I am here to make an impact in the world greater than myself. I am here to be part of the transformation of humanity. I am here to teach and to guide you when you are struggling to understand your relationship with money. I use my strengths to teach you about money mindset, wealth consciousness, and taming your fears and limiting beliefs. I have created wealth awareness tools that allow you to know what you want, who you are, and what you are here to do. I want you to reach the success you truly desire. I want you to be happy.

2016 was a mighty ending to the nine-year cycle. I embraced awakening to my inner fire, my inner strengths, and my inner desire. I want this for each of you. I want you to enjoy the journey. I want prosperity and peace for you.

Happy New Year. May your values and intuition be forever guiding and strong. May you follow your heart and do what feels correct and best for you. 2017 is the Universal One year that will unite, sustain, and grant you your deepest desires. May you simply BE YOU. 


With love and gratitude, Alana

Find You ♥ Be You ♥ Love You