I Found My Limiting Belief, Have You?

As a Prosperity and Money Coach, I am on a journey to identify the beliefs we each have about money. These beliefs are usually limiting and negative in nature. These limiting beliefs hold us back from attracting a loving relationship with money and even the life we truly desire. These beliefs also dictate how we treat ourselves and how we engage with the world around us. 

Here are some common limiting beliefs:

  • People with a lot of money are greedy or rich.

  • Money is the root of all evil.

  • You have to work hard to make money.

  • There is not enough money in the world.

  • I cannot be spiritual and earn money.

  • More is better.

Do you hold any of those beliefs? Or did you at one time?

I have been seeking to resolve and shift my own limiting beliefs for quite sometime. It's been a slow process, as my belief wasn't just on the surface. I really had to dig deep to uncover it. I kept digging and still came up empty-handed.

Until I attended a retreat just last week.

At this retreat, I experienced a "birthing canal" process that was full of love and endearment for most of the women that went through it. Well, except for me. I experienced a sadness and a loneliness. These emotions connected me full force with my limiting belief. It was SO in my face that I could only sit back, integrate the truth, and cry and breathe it all out. I tapped on this belief and I transformed it into my new powerful belief. Are you ready to know what it was and now is? 

My old limiting belief: I will never receive more than I give.

My new empowering belief: I will receive more than I give.

How did I unravel and learn this deep, dark, inner truth? I invite you to watch my new YouTube video. In this video, I tell you exactly how this birthing canal experience impacted me and gave me the clarity I have been seeking. I also express my gratitude for having gone through the process because it taught me so very much. https://youtu.be/33fZMS1I1QM

What is your limiting belief(s)? What has been holding you back from being the best YOU? If you could let go of that thought and belief, how would you feel without it? When you release these toxic emotions and beliefs, YOU transform. YOU step more powerfully into your gifts. And that is exactly what the world needs right now - YOU. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥