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What would it take to trust and honor who you are even when it feels like everything is so difficult?

We often hear things like:

  • Clarity comes from taking action.
  • Overcome your fear by moving through it.
  • Follow your passion and the money will come.

Here's a possibility:

What if the fears you feel in your business are really misalignment from within you?

Here's another possibility:

You likely do a lot of things really well in your business. If your instinct knows what is right for you, but you ignore it, is it possible that you are misaligning with incorrect strategies from outside of you instead of focusing on the truths from within?

What would change in your business and your bank account if you:

  • Aligned the truth of who you are with the truth of what feels right for you?
  • Focused on building your resiliency to overcome anything?
  • Expressed your emotions and your inner creativity?
  • Trusted yourself and your intuition?
  • Valued yourself and expressed that value into the world?
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What is Resilience?

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Resilience is a 3-month group program designed to guide Entrepreneurs, business owners, or those seeking to start a business, to achieve resiliency.

It takes a lot of energy to create, maintain, and successfully manage a business. It also requires a lot of patience, and deep inner, healing work to overcome the resistance that appears personally, professionally, and financially along the way.

Resilience specifically focuses on building three resiliency keys: Emotional Wisdom, Self-Trust, and Self-WorthWhen you are emotionally wise, trust yourself, and know your value, you build your resilience to emerge from beneath deep waters - just like a buoy.

This is a healing, transformational program designed to guide you to overcome old limiting beliefs, reduce the stress in your life, and re-energize YOU so you can be the resilient YOU you are here to BE. 

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What is Included: 

Recordings of all nine live classes plus handouts.

Each month we will integrate using the Human Design system with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to clear away old limiting beliefs specific to the resiliency key of the month. Each week, we will dive into various aspects of how that key relates to you personally, professionally, and financially.

It is time to pave your own path by Being, Doing, and then Having. Who you are is affected by your ability to remain emotionally balanced, trusting, and valuable. When you can BE who you are - a resilient buoy in dark waters - you can DO anything, and HAVE all that you desire.

Month 1: Exploring Your Emotional Wisdom.

  • Week 1: 1/5/18 - Find clarity through understanding your emotions and how they affect you on a personal level. When you balance your emotions, you are creative and blessed with possibility throughout the wave, ups and downs, and between.
  • Week 2: 1/12/18 - Learn how to understand and use your emotions creatively within your business on a professional level. Emotions connect your thoughts to your heart to create that deep connection your clients are seeking.
  • Week 3: 1/19/18 - Connect the dots as to the emotional energies you have attached to money and how they affect you on a financial level. Detach and clear your past emotions so you can joyfully and gratefully attract all that you desire. 
  • Week 4: 1/26/18 - Integration Week - No class - Take care of YOU!

Month 2: Trusting Yourself.

  • Week 5: 2/2/18 - Begin to understand and uncover whether you truly trust yourself on a personal level. When you live from a place of trust, fear is naturally conquered.
  • Week 6: 2/9/18 - Learn how to trust yourself in your business and on a professional level. Trust that you are deeply supported. Your right clients are waiting for you!
  • Week 7: 2/16/18 - Learn to trust that you are supported abundantly on a financial level through money and other means. Trust the universe and it will provide and supply all that you desire.
  • Week 8: Integration Week - No class - Take care of YOU!

Month 3: Valuing YOU. 

  • Week 9: 3/2/18 - Realize the value that is YOU so you can share your value with the world in a big way.
  • Week 10: 3/9/18 - Apply your value and worth to your business on a professional level that draws others in. People want what you have!
  • Week 11: 3/16/18 - LAST CLASS - Know your value and how you attract more money. You are worth having so much more!
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VIP Upgrade

Program is $897

Includes one 45-minute private session for deeper healing work

(45-minute session is regularly $200 by itself)

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What are the Features?

The following is included in the 3-month group program:

  • 75-90 minute virtual group classes per month for three months (9 classes total)

    • All classes use Zoom, a video conference platform. You may choose to either call-in via phone, or use the video feature.

    • All classes are recorded so you can listen at your ideal time and download for future use.

    • The program begins January 5, 2018. Classes are held on the first, second, and third Fridays of each month at 9am PST

  • Your Human Design chart, access to a Human Design video, and guides to get you started with understanding your Energy Type and Authority for making decisions.

  • A guide to using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

  • Other handouts and tools to support you on your journey.

  • Google+ private community access for 24-hour support, all day, any day during the program.

  • Support from other like-minded participants with similar personal, professional, and financial challenges.

  • All documents and recordings are shared with you through Google Drive.

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To learn more about this program, watch this short video.

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I invite you to join Resilience if it feels correct for you.

I would love to see you commit and invest in YOU through this program.

Please know that I am here to support YOU when you decide to take that next step.


VIP Upgrade

Program is $897

Includes a 1:1 45-minute session for private healing work

(45-minute session is regularly $200 by itself)

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Do you have any questions?

Are you wondering if this group program is a good fit for you?

I invite you to email me HERE.

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