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Attention Projectors -
Finally, Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Projector and Creating a Life You Love!

Imagine what it would be like to no longer feel:

  • Misunderstood or judged

  • Lazy or unmotivated

  • Ignored or unnoticed

  • Bossy or like a know-it-all

  • Different or unable to fit in

  • Exhausted or burned out


What you DON'T want to hear:

  • "You're so lazy... when are you going to DO something?"

  • "Why are you always telling me what to do?"

  • "Why can't you just be like everyone else?"

Imagine being told:

  • "You're really good at honoring your energy."

  • "Wow, I love what you shared with me. That is exactly what I needed."

  • "I love you and thank you for being YOU."


The truth is you should be told these positive things. You are a beautiful, radiant light!

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Imagine this possibility:

How would it feel to be in the flow of following your unique Projector design, BEing, guiding, leading, and loving life first?

Imagine another possibility:

How would it make your life different if you were able to trust yourself, honor your energy, and guide only those who request or acknowledge your support?

And another possibility:

How would you feel to be seen, heard, understood, and allowed to shine as YOU?

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If any of this resonates with you,
you are invited to join the Powerful Projectors program.



Building Resilience for Entrepreneurs

The Powerful Projectors program is a 6-week group class experience designed to guide Projectors to KNOW who they are, while also giving non-Projector energy Types an opportunity to learn and understand who Projectors really are.

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Hi, my name is Alana Heim. As a Projector, wife to a Projector husband, mom to a Projector daughter, and guide to many Projector clients, it is important for me to teach about Projectors with an inside and outside perspective.

An inside perspective allows Projectors to learn who you are inside. An outside perspective allows other energy Types to come together to collaborate and understand the intricacies and needs of Projectors while giving their insights. 

I am a Certified Human Design Level 4 Specialist and a Quantum Alignment System Level 2 Practitioner. I also maintain certifications as a Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist, and Certified Financial Planner™ from my previous work life.

In the Powerful Projectors program, a part of The Human Design Alignment Series, we focus on PROJECTORS. Why? Because you are the guiding light that sees yourself as a passive follower. You don't KNOW your POWER. You hide in fear of being seen, ridiculed, or even being wrong. You spend your life giving away your power, believing you are supposed to be like everyone else, and that you are a lazy, unproductive part of society... and it HAS TO STOP. IT IS NOT TRUE!

Together in this program, we come together, Projectors and Non-Projectors, to support and understand each other. Together, we learn about PROJECTORS so we can honor each other more deeply, more compassionately, and more completely. 

It's time to empower Projectors. It's time to understand YOU, because YOU are exactly what the world needs.



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♥ ♥ ♥ 

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You may find yourself wondering why in the past YOU felt:

  • Invisible... like no one saw or heard you when you were just trying to help...

  • Bitter... because even when you did everything right, it still didn't work...

  • Misunderstood... and so different and contrary to everyone else...

What would change in your life if you:

  • Aligned the truth of who you are with the truth of what feels right for you?

  • Honored your energy and rested more?

  • Trusted yourself and your ability to guide others?

  • Valued yourself and expressed that value into the world?

  • Shared your powers as the leader that you really are?

Please know that YOU are a magnificent, powerful person. You are SO needed in this world.

The problem has never been you. The problem is that the world is still learning about YOU.

They don't get you… YET. And even if they don’t understand you, it is most important that YOU do.

If you are curious about what it means to be a Projector, and to be in your power as a Projector sharing your uniqueness in the world…

You are invited to join the Powerful Projectors program because it is time you recognize that you were born to excel and shine in a magnificent way.


Program regularly $247

Early Registration is NOW $197


Program regularly $347

Early Registration is NOW $297

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In the Powerful Projectors program, you learn:

  • Who you really are through applying Human Design

  • How to apply SWOT Alignment to being a Projector

    • Understanding your internal Strengths and Weaknesses; and external Opportunities, and Threats

  • The four areas necessary to transform and unleash your superpowers:

    • What you believe about who you are as a Projector (individual - psychology)

    • How you feel in your body as a Projector (individual - physiology)

    • How you perceive others as a Projector, and how you are perceived by others (tribal - relational)

    • How you view the world and how they view you (collective - environment)

  • How to leverage and honor your energy more effectively

  • Why conditioning is important to understand and how to use it to your advantage

  • How to communicate your guidance more effectively in the world

  • Why recognition is the key to knowing "your people"

  • How to correctly follow your unique strategy through waiting so you can avoid old feelings of being lazy or not good enough

  • Why expressing your power is so important

  • That you are a natural born leader (even if you totally disagree!)

My commitment to you is that you will:

  • Be fully supported - personal coaching is weaved into the content of each class. I have already created a dashboard of Human Design details about each person who has already joined. This class is about YOU and receiving guidance to help you shine.

  • Feel SEEN - I love seeing YOU for who you are. I will call on you to share and to acknowledge you. In this program, acknowledgments are abundant and given freely and often.

  • Be heard - It's time you have your voice be heard. It's time to feel comfortable and confident to share your experiences and ask your questions.

  • Have my full attention - I'm more than just the teacher, I am your personal guide during every class and in between in our private group. I am truly here for you. I want you to shine!

  • Do the work in class - you've already set aside the time so let's learn and work on the material together.

  • Experience transformation - you are here to transform, that means understanding the way you think, how you feel in your body, how relationships affect you, and the world affects you and YOU affect the world. Together we experiment and experience learning your way.

  • Receive community support - together we support and are supported. Let's spread love and collaboration amongst each other. It's time to foster growth through building relationships with each other.

  • Learn who you really are as a Projector - so you can leverage your energy, share your brilliance, and shine even brighter.

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The following is included in the Powerful Projectors program:

  • 60-75 minute virtual group classes per week for six weeks (6 classes total)

    • All classes use Zoom, a video conference platform. You may choose to either call-in via phone, or use the video feature.

    • All classes are recorded so you can listen at your ideal time and download for future use.

    • The program begins June 15, 2018. Classes are held each Friday at 9am PST through July 20, 2018.

  • Your Human Design chart and access to an Introduction to Human Design video. 

  • Human Design guides to get you started with understanding your Human Design energy Type, Authority for making decisions, and how they relate to and affect Projectors.

  • Other handouts and tools to support you on your journey.

  • All documents and recordings are shared with you through a Powerful Projectors class page.

  • Google+ private community access for 24-hour support, all day, any day during the program.

  • Support from other like-minded participants who are ready to collaborate and integrate experientially.

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The investment for this program is affordable and has two-options from which to choose.

If you act by June 13th, you guarantee your spot in the Powerful Projectors program at a 20% discount. To receive this amazing value through webinar only pricing, please choose the first option and click the REGISTER NOW button below. 


Program regularly $247

Early Registration is NOW $197


If you prefer to receive a VIP experience, which not only guarantees your spot in the Powerful Projectors program, it also includes a private 30-minute Human Design reading with Alana Heim! Still at nearly a 15% discount. To receive this amazing value through webinar only pricing, please choose the second option and click the REGISTER FOR VIP button below.


VIP Upgrade

Program and reading regularly $347

Early Registration is NOW $297


What Do Others Say About Learning Human Design and Working with Alana?

Learning the facets of Human Design has helped me understand the dynamic of being a Projector while raising two sons. It has helped me to know how to understand our interactions so I can give them what they need. Human Design keeps reminding me to let go of others’ expectations of me and my own expectations that have been built around others’ ideas of what I need/should do to be successful, etc. I now really honor that I am different than the majority. I now accept my role as a guide, and when I just let things flow naturally, I don’t actually have to plan anything. I guide by just being my Self.
— Araya AnRa, www.invokehealing.com
Receiving business and Human Design coaching has helped me tremendously to relax into myself as a Projector. Embracing what is doesn’t have to be labeled as good, bad, or different. I now get that my life (and business) doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s model. Having Alana re-iterate how I can “be in flow” in my life and business by utilizing the Projector part of me has been transformational. She has a good way of reminding me to lean more into my Projector design and my defined areas while working more wisely.
— Kim Fong-Hom, CA
Prior to learning about my Human Design, my life was being lived, but definitely not to my fullest potential. Learning that I am a Projector has helped me accept and acknowledge myself being a healer. It also helped me gain a better understanding of who I am and how I interact with everyone around me.
— Alex Corona, NV

You are invited to join the Powerful Projectors program if it feels correct for you.

The value received from this program will exceed the investment of your time, energy, and money.

Please know that it is my honor as a Projector to support YOU when you decide to say yes.

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Program regularly $247

Early Registration is NOW $197


VIP Upgrade

Program and reading regularly $347

Early Registration is NOW $297


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Do you have any questions?

Wondering if this program is a good fit for you?

You are invited to email Alana HERE.