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The Prosperity Compass™ Group Program:

5 Steps to Financial Alignment from the Inside Out




Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Do you feel like budgeting is like being on a restrictive diet?

Are you ready for a financial breakthrough?

Are you committed to being wealthy inside and out?

Are you ready to receive support from a Financial Professional who can guide you and advise you financially from the inside out?

If you said YES, then this may be the program for YOU!

Hi, I am Alana Heim (it sounds like the City Anaheim). I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Personal Financial Specialist, and a Certified Financial Planner™. I wrote the chapter Money in the #1 Best-Selling book Abundance By Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design

I understand the struggles you have with money. I have seen them. I have felt them. I spent over a decade working with clients technically, preparing budgets and tax returns, and offering estate planning, tax planning, and retirement planning advice. No matter how successful my clients were, or how much they yearned to reach success, they still struggled to achieve their financial breakthroughs. 

After years of learning and experimenting with my clients and myself, I finally realized that you need financial strategies that are both technically and spiritually serving you from the inside out.

I created the Prosperity Compass™ to assist you with envisioning, manifesting, transforming, accumulating, and preserving the wealth in your life. This wealth building program gives you exactly what you need to have the powerful financial breakthrough you desire.

What is the Prosperity Compass™ Group program?

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The Prosperity Compass™ is a year-long group program offered only once per year. The group program is designed to teach you how to take control of your finances. The Prosperity Compass™: 5 Steps to Financial Alignment from the Inside Out is a process that takes you around the compass. This transformational process allows you to determine the wealth you seek, heal the wealth blocks from within you, while supporting you on your wealth journey. I am here to guide you and provide you with wealth awareness tools to get you in right relationship with the money and wealth you desire.

5 Steps to Financial Alignment from the Inside Out

Step 1 - Envision Your Wealth:

  • Clarify your values
  • Define what wealth is to you
  • Get clear on your vision
  • Create your Sustainable Money Plan
  • Begin saving for your dreams immediately

Step 2 - Energize Your Wealth:

  • Learn about the unique energies within you and around you (everything is energy!)
  • Learn the natural laws of prosperity and the energy of money
  • Assess your level of risk aversion
  • Create a debt management plan
  • Master your personal life strategy and make decisions correct for you

Step 3 - Self Healing:

  • Assess your financial capital
  • Shift your mindset to become a money magnet
  • Transform your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs into powerful ways of thinking and being so you have the courage to take action
  • Learn how your conscious and unconscious mind creates reality from possibility
  • View yourself as powerful, possible, and wealthy

Step 4 - Wealth Healing:

  • Identify and transform old money patterns and beliefs 
  • Create a relationship with money
  • Align your values with your spending habits
  • Rewrite the expenses in your life to empower and support you
  • End overspending and seal up money leaks

Step 5 - Nurture Your Wealth:

  • Learn to confidently use budgeting as a lifestyle tool
  • Allocate to accumulate wealth to achieve financial stability 
  • Learn about investment and retirement options
  • Enjoy peace of mind having a relationship with money
  • Receive tax and financial planning advice specific to you

What is Included in the Prosperity Compass™ Group Program?

The following is included in the year-long group program:

  • Two two-hour virtual group classes per month for twelve months (24 classes total)

    • All classes use Zoom, a video conference platform. You may choose to either call-in via phone, or use the video feature.

    • All classes are recorded so you can listen at your ideal time and download for future use.

    • The program begins September 20. Classes are held on the first and third Wednesdays from 6-8 pm PST, unless a conflict is noted. 

  • One Human Design chart for you.

  • One private 45-minute Human Design reading tailored to you.

  • One Client Human Design Guide.

  • Access to Human Design videos.

  • Three private coaching sessions (to be used during the 12-month program).

  • Google+ private community access for 24-hour support, all day, any day during the program.

  • Questionnaires:

    • One prior to starting Program

    • One for each of the five steps

    • One at the end of the Program

  • Various homework assignments to be worked on between classes.

  • Other handouts and tools to support you on your journey.

  • Support from other like-minded participants with similar prosperity and financial challenges.

  • All documents and recordings are shared with you through Google Drive.

To learn more about the program, watch this short video.

What is the Investment in the Prosperity Compass™ Group program?

When you invest in this program, you are investing in yourself. The price of this program is twelve monthly payments of $297.


If you would like to pay in full, the investment is $2,997. That is a discount of 16% off the monthly payment price.


What Value Does the Prosperity Compass™ Offer?

When you commit to journey around the Prosperity Compass, you invest in yourself. You choose to invest in you, because you realize that you need guidance and someone to hold you accountable. You realize that you are worth putting an effort into to help you become that which you truly desire.

To summarize, the Prosperity Compass™ Group Program will assist you to:

  • Find clarity in developing your vision because you know what you want.
  • Focus on what you want and learn to manifest.
  • Determine who you want to be.
  • Define what it means to be and feel wealthy.
  • Create a Sustainable Money Plan ("budget") that feels good to you.
  • Set your values with the intention to live by them.
  • Use SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to assist in prioritizing different areas in your life.
  • Create a vibrational vision board to guide you along your journey.
  • Assess your risk aversion.
  • Create a debt management plan.
  • Learn about your unique Human Design energy blueprint.
  • Find clarity in learning and knowing who you are.
  • Understand and live your personal life strategy.
  • Know how to make decisions correct for you every time.
  • Learn about the energy of money.
  • Learn the natural laws of prosperity and how to apply them right now.
  • Understand why you do the things you do and even why you react the way you do.
  • Know your unique personality and learning style. 
  • Shift your mindset to quiet the negative voices in your head.
  • Maintain a new outlook and perspective on life, wealth, and the world around you.
  • Challenge old thoughts and beliefs and assist your mind to remove them.
  • Know how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to retrain your brain.
  • Connect more deeply with your unconscious mind to shift limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.
  • Learn to trust yourself and your intuition.
  • Learn to remove the "HOW" thinking so you can trust that wealth opportunities will find you.
  • Become more resilient in life through these 9 keys: Authenticity, Courage, Decisiveness, Emotional Wisdom, Empowerment, Leveraging Energy, Lovability, Self-Trust, and Self-Worth.
  • Realize that YOU affect YOU.
  • Experience inner healing related to how you treat yourself and others.
  • See money in a whole new light.
  • Determine what you think and how you feel about money.
  • Assess and remove old, negative beliefs around money.
  • Create a loving relationship with money.
  • Create a financial freedom plan to reduce debt and save for your future.
  • Align your spending with your values, goals, and habits.
  • Learn to allocate to accumulate your wealth and achieve your goals.
  • Learn about investment options.
  • Learn about retirement options.
  • Grow your wealth and secure your future.
  • Share your wealth to make a greater impact in the world.
  • Understand why working from a place of service is so important.
  • Be aware of the wealth opportunities all around you to receive them.
  • Learn and implement strategies from a financial professional.
  • Learn what kind of financial professionals you should hire to work with now or in the future.
  • Believe in YOU and your wealth creating abilities.
  • Learn to enjoy your money.
  • Balance living and giving generously.

There is A LOT of value in The Prosperity Compass™ Group Program, but it all depends on you, and how much you put into the program. The deeper you dive into your own inner issues, the greater the wealth healing you will experience. Just like anything in life, you must show up for yourself to receive all that this program can offer you.

This year-long program starts on September 20, 2017.

I invite you to join this Group Program if it feels correct for you.

I would love to see you commit and invest in YOU through this program.

Please know that I am here to support YOU when you decide to take that next step.

If you would like to schedule a free Prosperity Breakthrough Session to learn more, I am happy to speak with you.


Prosperous wishes to you on your wealth journey.

With love and gratitude,

Alana Heim

Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP® , Certified Human Design Specialist, Best-Selling Author

Prosperity Facilitator


P.S.  The program begins September 20, 2017 and runs through August 15, 2018. The next program starts October 3, 2018. If you are ready for your wealth breakthrough to happen in 2017, the time to commit is NOW.

To jump into the Prosperity Compass™ Group Program NOW,

you can choose to make one payment of $2,997


or choose to make twelve monthly payments of $297.


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