Do you wonder why you have or don't have the amount of
money you want in your life?

Do you ever feel stuck in a financial vortex
that doesn't feel right for you?

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What if you could take the energies of who you are (using Human Design) and create a new way of relating to finances in a way that honors your design?

How would that make your life be different?

Would you feel more financially empowered?

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Well guess what? You are abundantly supported!


there is a class designed to help you understand YOU, Your Energetic Centers, and Money!


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Building Resilience for Entrepreneurs

... a two-hour group masterclass experience designed to teach you how you can improve your relationship with money by understanding your energy Centers - Defined, Undefined, or Open.

Hi, my name is Alana Heim. As a Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist, and Certified Financial Planner, teaching financial alignment is important to me. 

As a Projector, a Certified Human Design Level 4 Specialist, and a Quantum Alignment System Level 2 Practitioner, I love to integrate energy with money alignment and financial practices. Using Human Design, I am able to teach the abundance and spiritual aspects that my technical financial expertise was previously missing.

In the Financially Centered masterclass, you learn how energies have been influencing your relationship with money and finances and how to improve them.

Because when you're going with the flow of your design, you can more easily and effortlessly attract more money, have more fun, and feel more fulfilled.

When you're flowing with your design, it is easier to own your value and step into your true abundance! And believe it or not, abundance is already within you - you just need to know how to flow with it! 

I want this for YOU.

In this class, we come together, all energy Types, to support and understand each other more deeply, more compassionately, more completely, and more abundantly. 

If you are ready to learn how to improve your relationship with money with the help of your energy Centers, this is the class for you!

♥ ♥ ♥ 

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The Financially Centered masterclass is a beginners to intermediate class where you learn:

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  • At a summary level about all nine energy Centers within the Human Design chart

  • The Defined and Undefined effects of each Center as it relates to money, finances, and abundance

  • How each Center may influence your relationship with money

  • The inside out approach to aligning with your true abundance

My commitment to you is that you will:

  • Be fully supported - Q&A is welcome and encouraged during the call.
  • Have my full attention - I am more than just your teacher. I am your personal guide during our time together. I am truly here for you. I want you to prosper!
  • Do the work in class - you've already set aside the time so let's learn and work on the material together.
  • Be heard - It's time you have your voice be heard. It's time to feel comfortable and confident to share your experiences and ask your questions.
  • Feel SEEN - I love seeing YOU for who you are and acknowledge your commitment to BEing you.
  • Learn who you really are - so you can leverage your energy, share your brilliance, and receive the abundance meant for you.
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    The following is included in the Financially Centered masterclass:

    • Two-hour virtual group class

      • Class uses Zoom, a video conference platform. You may choose to either call-in via phone, or use the video feature.

      • Class is recorded so you can listen at your ideal time and download for future use.

      • The class is on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 from 5:30-7:30 pm PST.

    • Your Human Design chart and access to an Introduction to Human Design video. 

    • Class handout to support your learning journey.

    • Recording and all documents shared with you on a Financially Centered class webpage.

    • LIVE Q&A as part of the class dynamic. Learn from Alana and other like-minded participants who are ready to collaborate and integrate experientially.

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    The investment for this class is $47 when you register
    by midnight on Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

    To guarantee your spot in the Financially Centered masterclass at this lowest available price (68% off), please click the REGISTER NOW button below. 


    Class regularly $147

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    You are invited to join this valuable Financially Centered masterclass.

    The value received from this class will exceed the investment of your time, energy, and money.

    Listen to your Authority and make sure it feels correct for you.

    Please know that it is my honor as a Projector to support YOU when you decide to say yes.


    With love + gratitude,
    Alana (banana)

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    What Do Others Say About Learning Human Design and Working with Alana?

    Learning the facets of Human Design has helped me understand the dynamic of being a Projector while raising two sons. It has helped me to know how to understand our interactions so I can give them what they need. Human Design keeps reminding me to let go of others’ expectations of me and my own expectations that have been built around others’ ideas of what I need/should do to be successful, etc. I now really honor that I am different than the majority. I now accept my role as a guide, and when I just let things flow naturally, I don’t actually have to plan anything. I guide by just being my Self.
    — Araya AnRa,
    Receiving business and Human Design coaching has helped me tremendously to relax into myself as a Projector. Embracing what is doesn’t have to be labeled as good, bad, or different. I now get that my life (and business) doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s model. Having Alana re-iterate how I can “be in flow” in my life and business by utilizing the Projector part of me has been transformational. She has a good way of reminding me to lean more into my Projector design and my defined areas while working more wisely.
    — Kim Fong-Hom, CA
    Prior to learning about my Human Design, my life was being lived, but definitely not to my fullest potential. Learning that I am a Projector has helped me accept and acknowledge myself being a healer. It also helped me gain a better understanding of who I am and how I interact with everyone around me.
    — Alex Corona, NV
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    Do you have any questions?

    Wondering if this class is a good fit for you?

    You are invited to email Alana HERE.