The Unique Expression of You and What Would Jesus Do?

Last month, we discussed facing rejection. I also mentioned I wanted to continue the conversation with you about Jesus and how his energy is within you.

Jesus Spirit.jpg

Here's the serendipitous thing about the universe, it shows up for you when you ask. When you begin to get curious, signs follow you around to point you in the right direction.

Take for instance this magical picture that I took. No it was not photoshopped.

The week before I took this picture, I had begun my infatuation with Dolores Cannon and her hypnotherapy work. I began reading her book, Jesus and the Essenes. It gave me such insight into what I knew inside of me to be true about Jesus, which of course never coincided with what I was taught.

During our time at Disney World back in February, I didn't carry my phone too often. The first day I didn't use it at all. The second day I brought it, clearly to have it for this moment. I carried it with me as my family and friends experienced the safari expedition at the Animal Kingdom. 

I loved the views and the sights of nature, so I took many pictures.

At the time, I didn't see the name. I actually saw it after the fact, given when I looked in the sky there it was. An airplane was writing a message in the sky. I can't remember the exact message. I don't think I completely agreed with it.

But I was blown away when I looked back in my camera and saw that this was the picture I took. Only Jesus was seen in the sky over the majestic land. 

I knew it was a sign.

I knew I would share this picture when timing was right. It wasn't right in February, March, or even April. I thought April would be the month given we celebrated Easter. However, apparently timing still wasn't right, until now, three months later.

Now is the time to share more about Jesus and how it all ties into you expressing and being your unique contribution in the world.

In this video, I discuss what it means to make your unique contribution in the world. I also share with you more about Jesus - who he was and what he was here to teach you. He was a man with such love and compassion, it’s no wonder we cherish him and look up to him. But he was still only a man. A man who knew he was here to make a unique impact on the planet during his time and beyond. A man who had such knowing of the energies that he wanted all of us to be able to do what he could. May he inspire you to share your greatness in the way only you know how.

With love + gratitude,

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