My Interview with Sabine Messner is Now Live!!

Nearly two months ago, I was blessed to be interviewed by the Soul Branding Wizard herself, Sabine Messner. I worked intimately with Sabine during tax season 2016 to discover and create my soul branded company, Prosperity Alignment, Inc. It was through her work that I met my soul and projected that essence through the name of my business. 

I love the name Prosperity Alignment. I even have a webpage dedicated specifically to discuss how that name resonates through me to have its impactful meaning. 

I love this interview with Sabine. It perfectly captures the gratitude I have for the EMERGE program I went through. It also emanates me and my soul's essence and why I am here to serve humanity through Prosperity Alignment. I know that I am not here to serve everyone, but for those who see me and the energy that I offer, they just may love what I am here to do and WHO I am here to BE.

Check out the 28 minute interview at: I hope you love it as much as I do!

With love and gratitude, Alana