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Free Resources for Energetic Enlightenment

In celebration of YOU and your continued commitment to developing your
highest and best self through honoring YOU and your design,
you are invited to enjoy these FREE gifts below.

You may choose 1, 2, or all 3 gifts!

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3 Secrets To Getting The Results You Want While Being True To Yourself 
Human Design &
Scientific Hand Analysis

In this FREE virtual webinar, discover how your Hands and your Human Design reveal: 

  • Your natural "hardwiring" for success and how honoring it can improve your finances, health and relationships

  • How doing things your way can allow you to get what you want with more ease

  • How "doing nothing" can get you closer to your goals than taking massive action!

  • All this and so much more!

To gain instant access, please sign up below:




During this free LIVE call, you will discover and gain: 

  • Clarity on knowing you versus the world (what makes you truly unique and special as a Manifesting Generator versus the other designs)

  • Confidence in being who you were meant to be… and who you WANT to be…

  • Certainty about how to stay out of frustration and anger so that you have what you want!

 If you are a Manifesting Generator, this is definitely the call you’ll want to attend.

If you are NOT a Manifesting Generator, and are someone who wants to have a better understanding of the Manifesting Generator in your life (family member, friends, clients…), this call is for you too!

You’re invited to sign up NOW to join this FREE live Zoom call held on Friday, October 19 at 3pm PDT.

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Alana's genius is supporting people with aligning their money and their Purpose so that financial abundance is more of a "natural occurrence" in their lives rather than something they struggle to achieve.

If you are struggling with aligning with your truth, your money, your purpose, or your true self,
you are invited to receive support from Alana on a free 30-minute Prosperity Breakthrough call.

To schedule your free call with Alana, click HERE.

Availability is limited.

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Sending you love and blessings!

With love + gratitude,
Alana (banana)

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