Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the Season for Giving.
More importantly, ‘tis the Season for Receiving!

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You are invited to

Treat Yourself to Receive these

Free Resources for Energetic Empowerment

In celebration of YOU and your continued commitment
to aligning with your highest and best self,
please enjoy these FREE gifts below.

You may choose any or ALL gifts!

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3 Secrets To Getting The Results You Want While Being True To Yourself 
Human Design & Scientific Hand Analysis

In this FREE virtual webinar, discover how your Hands and your Human Design reveal: 

  • Your natural "hardwiring" for success and how honoring it can improve your finances, health, and relationships

  • How doing things your way can allow you to get what you want with more ease

  • How "doing nothing" can get you closer to your goals than taking massive action!

When you watch this webinar, you will learn about your purpose through your Hands and Human Design, so you can be even more empowered going into 2019!

To gain instant access, please register below:



Alana's genius comes through guiding you to align with your truth,
so your clarity enhances and you receive abundance YOUR way.

Have you have been feeling stuck in your life?
Like you know something needs to change, but you’re unsure of what action to take?
Or that not knowing your right timing has added to the struggle?

If you answered yes to any of the above,

you are invited to receive support and guidance from Alana Heim,
a 1/3 Projector, Level 4 Human Design Specialist, and Level 2 QAS Practitioner,
on a free 30-minute Prosperity Breakthrough call.

If you are ready to jump start 2019 so you can align with your truth, your financial well-being, your purpose, and your true design, this is the call for you!

To schedule your free call with Alana, click HERE.

Availability is limited.

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Dear Projectors,

The holidays can often lead to exhaustion. Because the 3/60 Channel of Mutation is still transiting through February 19, 2019, please be mindful of your level of burnout.

For this reason, you are invited to:

  • Begin to heal your burnout and the issues associated with feeling exhausted as a Projector

  • Learn how to incorporate Emotional Freedom Techniques with your design as a Projector

  • Receive focused healing support on burnout through Projector guidance

  • Download and access THIS 60-minute healing audio recording so you can listen as often as needed while moving through the holiday season and preparing for 2019

If you have been seeking guidance and healing support around burnout, this FREE audio recording is perfect for you!

You are invited to sign up and grab this FREE Projectors burnout recording today.

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Sending you holiday love and blessings!

May you receive the gift of joy, love, and prosperity! ♥

With love + gratitude,
Alana (banana)