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The Prosperity Compass™ is a Universe designed to assist you in taking control of your finances so you can achieve the financial freedom you desire. The Prosperity Compass™ is my signature system that takes you on an intimate, experiential journey. I crafted this unique transformational process so that you could reach a deeper, richer level of healing within yourself as it relates to wealth and money. This program is offered in two different formats: one-on-one private sessions, or a group program

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The Prosperity Compass™ follows a Tribal compass model that evolves over time. You begin in the East which is comprised of the element of Air, the season Spring, and the color yellow. This is the energy of new beginnings. You then fly into the South, which represents the element of Fire, the season Summer, and the color red. This energy is about taking action. Running into the West, you meet the element of Water indicated by the color blue and the season Fall. This is all about the energy and flow of money. Lastly, you float into the North, represented by the element of Earth, the season Winter, and the color green. This energy is about being grounded and having structure. 

5 Steps to Financial Alignment from the Inside Out 


Determine the Wealth That You Want

In step one, ENVISION YOUR WEALTH, we begin in the East where you birth your money vision and define what wealth is to you. You clarify your values and priorities necessary to achieve the vision you want to create. That vision includes defining what you want in your life, who you want to be, and the wealth you want to have. You also determine and assess the values important to you. You walk away with a customized Sustainable Money Plan aligned with your vision, and uniquely designed to achieve your dream and goals.


Discover Your Wealth Strategy

In step two, ENERGIZE YOUR WEALTH, you learn all about energy. Most importantly, you learn about your personal energy through Human Design and how it interacts with the energy of money. I take you on an exploration of yourself to help you embrace and realize the true wealth potential in you that has always been within YOU. You begin to implement strategies to achieve the wealth you seek. You will learn how to make decisions that are correct for you and know what drives you to take action. You learn about the natural prosperity laws and how to use them to your advantage. You also learn to energize your wealth through risk assessment and debt management.


Master Your Relationship with Money

Step four, WEALTH HEALING, is a truly crucial step, and is where you begin transforming your relationship with money. This is where we identify your old money habits and transform them into new sustainable money habits. You assess your money archetype and begin to transform your views and beliefs about money. You break the old cycles of overspending, emotional buying, or even over-hoarding. You receive additional tools and strategies to create sufficiency in your life. By aligning your values with your spending habits, you redefine how you view money as a resource.


Overcome Your Money Blind Spots

In step three, SELF HEALING, you pull out the sledgehammer to break through the inner walls that have held you back from being the authentic and wealthy you. Who you thought you were is irrelevant. Together, we break down the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts you have lived. You are given the resources and tools necessary to embrace the money and wealth in your life. You create a positive money mindset to overcome obstacles that have held you back from attracting the wealth you seek. You realize you are a money magnet!


What if you could release your money struggles?

If you would like to know more about the Prosperity Compass™ Program, please schedule a free Prosperity Breakthrough Session with me, or learn more below. 

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Strengthen Your Money Management Skills

In the final step five, NURTURE YOUR WEALTH, we focus on strengthening your money managing muscle even further. You have been managing your money all year, now we discuss deeper financial planning. This includes retirement planning, investment options, and assessing at which level you feel most comfortable. You learn the tools to manifest, accumulate, and preserve the wealth you desire. You gain insight from a financial professional who provides the financial advice specific to your needs. You begin to achieve peace of mind when planning and playing with your money.

Client Endorsements

“As a financial advisor, this program shined the light on the real expertise I can bring to my clients. My focus is to help people feel good about themselves and feel good about their money just like I have. The real transformation for me came when we started to talk about money and how to have a healthy relationship with it. This is the area in my life that I have had a great deal of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. The feelings I tied to money were also intimately tied to my feelings of self-worth. The program helped me realize that my relationship with money is an actual relationship that I need to nurture. Money isn’t the problem; it was my own mental limits that I put on myself. I have now removed those blocks and am enjoying more prosperity and abundance in my life. By the end of the program, I achieved one of the goals I had set at the beginning of the program. It was exciting to purchase the trailer I had wanted so my son and I could travel more.”
— Jacklyn L.
“When I first met Alana, she saw a video I posted publicly through a private woman’s leadership group. I had been teary, unsure, and lost within my own thoughts on negativity and undeserving of success, money, and even love. Alana reached out and said, ‘I see you. I see past your words and your tears. I hear what you are actually saying, and I believe I can help.’ Those words, “I see you,” meant the world to me. I listened and I took a leap of faith. I am forever grateful for the time, the kindness, the patience, and the work she spent teaching me during her Prosperity Compass program. I noticed around Step 3 a change in my demeanor. I noticed my mind was becoming more positive regarding relationships, money, and my work. My confidence in myself began to rise. Through this program, I can say it changed my outlook on all of the above and more, and yes the program is great, but it would be less without Alana being a part of it… Thank you!”
— Jolene U.