VIP 1/2 Day with Alana Heim

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VIP 1/2 Day with Alana Heim

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You are invited to receive a powerful virtual 1:1 session with Alana during a two-hour block. This is an opportunity for you to take a deep dive with a financial expert who can guide you and assist you with strategy, healing, money, planning, and so much more.

Alana is a wizard at guiding, teaching, strategizing, planning, and aligning your desired outcome with who YOU are. She advises based on what works for you according to who you are as an energetic being - not based on what she knows and how it "should" work for you. This package is all about YOU and what you are ready to achieve. 

With this package, you receive:

  • One 30-minute virtual private session via Zoom to discuss your desired outcome (scheduled two weeks prior)

  • One two (2) hour virtual session with Alana via Zoom (choice of 9a-11a OR 1p-3p PST; date and time TBD)

  • One 30-minute virtual private session via Zoom to follow up, check in, give additional support, and ensure you are on track to achieve your desired outcome (scheduled 2-4 weeks post)

You determine the focus and desired outcome you would like to achieve during your sessions. Here are some options from which to choose:

  • Human Design - understanding your chart; who you are; how you communicate; how you work; and more.

  • Business planning - aligning who you are with how you do business; pricing; strategy; the specific language that works for you in your marketing; how you network best; creating values and setting achievable goals; creating sustainable processes and systems; building money management habits; and more.

  • Personal and/or Business Financial planning - budgeting; allocating money; estate planning; creating your vision, dreams, and goals and aligning them to financially sustaining yourself; and more.

  • Money healing work - integrating Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Human Design to heal limiting money beliefs, rewrite your money story, and change your money mindset.

  • Any aspect of the Prosperity Compass™ - Determine the wealth you want; Discover your wealth strategy; Overcome your money blind spots; Master your relationship with money; and Strengthen your money management skills.

  • Any variation of any of the above OR create your own specifics.

Would you like to learn more about what this package could do for you? Or do you prefer to speak with Alana first? If yes, you are invited to schedule a time to chat here: