Financially Centered Class (recorded)

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Financially Centered Class (recorded)

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What is the Financially Centered masterclass?

Financially Centered is a 2.5 hour class designed to teach you how you can improve your relationship with money by understanding your energy Centers - Defined, Undefined, or Open.

This recorded masterclass focuses specifically on understanding how the Defined and Undefined nine energy Centers in Human Design may be affecting your relationship with money.

If you are ready to learn how to improve your relationship with money through understanding your energy Centers, this is the call for you!

In this class, you learn:

  • About all nine energy Centers within the Human Design chart

  • The Defined and Undefined effects of each Center as it relates to money and finances

  • How each Center may influence your relationship with money

What is Included: 

  • Recording of live class (video and audio)

  • Slides for class

  • Your Human Design chart

  • BONUS 1 hour audio recording of Q&A call all about money and Human Design