The Prosperity Love Letter


The Prosperity Love Letter


The Prosperity Love Letter is a 15 minute Human Design reading in the format of a recorded love letter. It may be addressed to YOU, or to the person of your choosing.

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Have you searched for the perfect gift yet often find yourself still searching? 

Are you ready to give the ultimate, beautiful, gift laden with empowerment, love, and blessings?

You are going to want to GIVE the gift of this Prosperity Love Letter. 

Do you have someone in mind who could use some words of encouragement? 

Do you know someone who could thrive from receiving an empowered recording that is uniquely tailored to them?

Would they love to know more about who they are? 

Would they like to feel the beauty from within their heart, mind, body, and soul through words divinely guided and expressed?

This is the perfect gift to generously provide to your significant other, your child, your sibling, your parent, your grandparent, your friend, your crush, your co-worker, or your neighbor... Or even yourself.

This really is the perfect to give to anyone or everyone!

This gift allows for someone to enjoy it right now. But they can also listen to it as often as they need in the future. 

The powerful, intuitive words Alana shares are uniquely spoken in the moment to capture the essence of your beloved. 

Alana puts her heart, emotion, and enthusiasm into this recording. She shares incredible insight about what your loved one may have forgotten about - their joy, their strengths, their passions, and even WHO they are. She enlightens them about just how powerful their gifts are.

After listening to their Prosperity Love Letter, they will be inspired, empowered, and revitalized to embrace and share their unique abilities, passions, and purpose in life.  

Alana personally delivers a Human Design reading in the format of a recorded love letter. She records a 15 minute Prosperity Love Letter addressed to YOU, or to the person of your choosing. Alana speaks to YOU with empowering, uplifting words. She describes your essence, your gifts, your strengths, your powers. She lovingly shares with you WHO you are.

This is a timeless gift to yourself, or to others. It is the perfect gift to come back to over and over. You can listen to it to feel inspired, uplifted, or empowered when you need it most. You may need this today. You may need this in the future.

Upon receiving the Giftee's birth information, including birth date, birth time, and birth location, Alana runs their Human Design chart. She then creates and electronically sends this unique downloadable MP4 recording to you to keep, or forward to your loved one.

Alana truly enjoys using her gifts in such a way as to bring joy to another's life. It is her honor to speak from the heart and create such a unique gift that can be shared with loved ones. This gift is unconditional in love and endless in its capacity to give and bring truth and empowerment.