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Facing Rejection

Facing rejection is something we tend to fear. We would rather deal with the “what ifs” rather than the actual rejection. However, our fear is often just in our heads. Most of the time, the rejection may never even happen! But when it does, how do you prepare yourself? What if there isn’t enough time to prepare? How resilient are you in the face of rejection? And are you able to learn from it?

Take a moment to listen to my account of being fired twice since having my twins. If you want to listen in half the time, then make sure to change the playback speed in Youtube. (I absolutely LOVE this feature!)

After watching, you’re invited to share below where you have faced rejection and how rejection helped you to learn about yourself, the other person, and the situation - and how to grow from it all.

With love and gratitude,

May Your Truth Set You Free

 May Your Truth Set You Free

The truth is I am really inconsistent in posting blogs and sending out monthly newsletters.

Timing is part of the problem. The other part is that I like to honor my flow, my energy, and my truth.

Sometimes it takes longer for the flow and the truth to come through me. You see I have an emotional wave, so I need more time to make my decisions and share my truth. Approximately half of you may also have this need for clarity to come over time.

So how easy is it to honor your timing? How easy is it to honor your truth? And express it?

With so many ups and downs for each of us to experience, there can be a lot of emotions which always require more time for processing. In giving yourself the additional time you need, you begin to learn YOUR truth.

To be honest, your truth is needed. More than you may realize.

Mercury Retrograde is BACK

Approximately three times per year, the planet Mercury goes retrograde. This is where it appears that the planet moves in a backwards motion although it is still moving forward.

Mercury officially went retrograde for the first time in 2018 on March 22. It turns direct on April 15. What does this mean and how does it affect you?

Here are some tips to help you stay flowing WITH this energy:

  • Mercury is the planet of all things communication, technology, and transportation. Now is a great time for routine maintenance on electronics, vehicles, and systems.

I Am An Author!!

I Am An Author!!

I am in full promotional mode of the new book, Abundance by Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness. I am so excited to announce I am a contributing author with many others on this beautiful book. Abundance by Design teaches you how to make the right decisions that will take you where you really want to be in your life. Through examples, my story, and the stories of others in this book, you will discover the forces that influence your every thought, emotion and action in your life while learning how to maintain your focus and direction. By integrating your unique Human Design with your beliefs, values and desires, you align with an authentic abundant life.

Back in April 2016, when I was first plotting my transformation from CPA employee to CPA business owner, I was invited to participate in this collaborative compilation Human Design book. I quickly said YES! I saw the opportunity as a way to share my story, and my personal transformation.